About Us

Affordable Quality

Affordable, top “Quality products for Quality People” is our trade mark. We believe we give the best quality product in every product category and price range.

Real Vacuum Cleaner Specialists

A specialist vacuum cleaner importer and retailer approaching 50 years, stocking specialist, top quality merchandise, sourced from upper echelon European and German specialist manufacturers. Our executive staff have collectively over 140 years experience in our trade.

Guaranteed Service & Parts

We have our own shops throughout New Zealand and our own service department with consultant Electrical Experts as well as service outlets nationwide.

Tested Quality

Our products from the West of Germany are superior (laboratory) tested against lookalike models from the East of Germany and Asia which have, in many case, less durability, limited sustained suction and short term body parts that will not stand the test of time. We are still servicing and maintaining our customers’ machines of 20 (plus) years old.

Best Guarantees, Service & Parts Certificates

We give motor guarantees up to 10 years and all cleaner purchasers receive a 10 Year Service Certificate Check (every two years) and 10 Year Parts Certificate.

No ‘Throw Away’ Cleaners, Just Serviceable Durability

We specialise in European products and we will not compromise on quality by stocking planned obsolescence, cheap, run-of-the-mill, throw away cleaners. We choose to give affordable quality products that can be serviced and maintained.

Quality Before Quantity, Mass Produced “Cheapo” Lookalikes

Our emphasis is on providing what we believe is a top quality, specialist, European cleaner range. You will always get that the desperate trader will say “You can buy two of these for the price of that”, or “technology moves fast, why buy long term products?” Well, our multi-brand repair department is kept very busy with the “cheapo” just out of warranty type of cleaners which have lost their suction, or broken down. We believe the following says it all:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

New Zealand Nationwide Owned & Operated

As a New Zealand owned and operated firm (unlike most of our competitors) we understand New Zealand climatic conditions, dust types and individual cleaning problems relevant to your geographical area.