Colour: silver / black
Power input: 14.4 V; 2.2 Ah
Specifics: Robot vacuum cleaner


Robert is reliable and independent, he works alone and requires no external assistance. He can be pre-programmed
with your regular weekly cleaning schedule i. e. day and time which is then accessed via the quick
start button. The robot will independently find its charging station, re-charging will take approximately 3 to
4 hours. Once fully charged the unit will either commence cleaning or continue the unfinished task. Sensors
prevent the robot from entering a bathroom, they also observe the proximity to certain objects i. e. a vase.
Low level furniture is of no concern due to the minimal height of 9.5 cm. With a 2 hour battery runtime and
the capability to detect steps and obstacles the robot can continue its work uninterrupted.

  • Virtual wall (barrier unit)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging base with charger
  • 3 side brushes
  • 2 nonwoven filters
  • 2 microfibre mop
  • 1 mop holder
  • Remote control
  • 2 batteries for virtual wall
  • 2 batteries for remote control